Lily Inspiration: People watching

Here in Victoria there is always an interesting outfit lurking on the streets somewhere. All you really have to do is go outside and stand there for a few minutes, then "Oohherr uuh... myy." Or "Ooooer, nice. I liiike" Working in the tiny shop is an amazing opportunity for such activities, Lower Johnson seems to bring out the best in creative outfits. It goes both ways too... lots of people end up watching you, because you're pretty much a curio cabinet doll on display. Sometimes people are much too busy to notice, though. I have been known to attempt to practice my clogging on colder days, and, despite the thumping, people don't seem to pay any attention.
I was running errands the other day between the Milkman's Daughter and the studio and having lunch and a very interesting thing happened. A woman approached me and said she has a feed on Twitter and that she roams the streets of Victoria looking for people wearing cool outfits to put up. Could she take my photo? Does the Pope love baby Jesus? I struck a rather modelistic (awkward) pose in my Oscillator, and asked her where I could find this Twitter thing. (I know NOTHING about Twitter by the way.) She gave it to me, YYJ Fashion and so now I hope she's not mad that I am blogging about it! I have been a long time fan of the Sartorialist (see Erin's post about the French last week) and felt very proud to be a part of this blossoming Victorian version! So yayy for cool outfits and getting out there and strutting your stuff. Also, thank you to the woman of YYJ Fashion, good luck out there!

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