Lily Inspiration: Packing Tape

We use a little packing tape around here: to seal the bins of Lily goodies going back and forth between the studio and shops, to seal parcels going out to online customers worldwide, and to fix a few things (works as a substitute for duct tape in a pinch). We try to be prudent with our usage, as we do with most tools of the trade, to keep the mass of uncontrollably sticking stuff contained to small balls to be tossed. So when I saw this packing tape installation by Numen (a Croatian-Austrian design collective),I was amazed and slightly horrified. Neurons firing! I must be looking at a great work of art!  

Images found viaurban taster.

The installation is interactive. You can move through it, literally can climb into it. Fascinating. I'll be thinking of these crazy creations as I peel back the packing tape on the box of goodies that arrives in the Vancouver shop today. Happy Tuesdaying, glenda.

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