Lily Inspiration: Neighbourhood Graffiti

People often ask where we get inspiration for our designs. Trish's most common answer is "everywhere!" It's true, she finds inspiration in such diverse places as out of print school textbooks and Berlin flea markets. Some things catch our eyes and scream "make me into a silk-screen", other things find a place in the back our our minds and pop up when we need ideas for window displays or clothing designs. A few months ago I found a couple of rusty handsaws in a second-hand store was intrigued by the carvings in them. They were pretty. Yup, pretty, rusty handsaws. I bought them thinking they could be the start of an interesting window display. Since then, Trish and I have been collecting handsaws and now, with approximately 30 at our disposal, they are becoming the fall window display in the Vancouver shop. I have a bit more tweaking to do, but I'll share photos with you when it's complete. When I took a quick break to grab a tea yesterday (in between jig sawing plywood and wrestling piles of handsaws) I saw a new piece of graffiti in the alley. How intriguing is this? I was drawn in by red, touched by the sadness of the image of the young girl and then uplifted by the words. Great tension. Sweet, odd, simple graffiti. I have no way of knowing how this work will inspire a Smoking Lily moment, but I do know that compelling art, in any form, adds to our creative memory banks. I wonder who the artist is? glenda.

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