Lily Inspiration: Halloween Silhouettes

A couple of weeks ago Trish sent me a link to some great Halloween window silhouettes. She knows that I am going all out again on decorating my house (along with much enthusiasm and effort on the part of my neighbours!). The window below was the particular one, on Jeffery Rudell's excellent Halloween House, that caught my eye (although I was enthralled with the kitchen knives too):   I liked the macabre scene combined with a pretty vintage chair and elegant lady. Thus inspired, I worked with black cardstock, a pencil, some glue dots and my very amateur drawing skills (so much erasing and reshaping to get a decent likeness) to create this:   The chair seemed like too much work for my drawing abilities so I drew half the table and lamp folded the paper in half (as you would to make a heart for Valentine's)and cut them out. I still have a little tweaking to do. I think I positioned the lady's skirt a little askew and that I should take down the window film that I use the rest of the year for privacy. Other than that, it's creepy/pretty enough for me. Thanks for the inspiration Trish!! glenda.  

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