Lily Inspiration: Clothing Swap

I went to a clothing swap on Tuesday night. As always, it was fun, rewarding and inspiring. I brought four bags of clothing that I wasn't wearing much anymore and left with one bag of new garments. People tried on clothing in ways that their previous owners hadn't imagined and with things that worked when they shouldn't have. Wardrobes were transformed.My closet is now a much more exciting place to start the day. It was fun to see how many Smoking Lily garments changed hands. All in our 40's, we have played our way up and down the size scale a couple of times and were happy to swap into items that fit us currently. I took a few quick snaps amidst all the grabbing and laughing. My apologies for the photo quality. What was that chant I should always repeat before leaving the house?...oh yes, "always take your camera, always take your camera...." I was lucky enough to be the one person that fit the Silk Slit Skirt with the Horse Freak print! glenda.

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