Lily Inspiration: Bike Love

Welcome fall! At Smoking Lily, we love our bikes. So much so, that Rachel couldn't resist taking a spin on my bike around the studio while wearing the newly printed and made Garden State dress. Her ringing the bell as the sewing machines hummed was probably my favourite part. Every time I ride my bike through town to work and play I get people hollering, "Nice bike!" as I swoosh by. Especially at the Fernwood coffee shop. Another thing we love at Smoking Lily is our our local independent bike shops. Like seriously love! Fairfield Bikes has mended and tuned many of our beloved bikes. My pretty in the photos was purchased from the Fairfield Bike Shop who coddled me through the experience with their excellent knowledge. North Park Bikes has been the source of all of my bike accessories, including the baskets that get many compliments. North Park Bikes happily rescued me one morning on my way to work by pumping up a flat tire, thanks guys! Capital City Cycles is another awesome local bike shop that is worth a visit. So shop local, we do.

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