Lily Home on the Beach

Sorting through the zillions of beach photos that I took on Tent Island this week, I found the following two shots of my tent. I took along my down comforter for bedding, as always, but this time it was wrapped in a Smoking Lily duvet cover. I believe in using physical possessions. Sometimes that means breaking a favourite water pitcher or staining a favourite apron, but I can't bear to leave things safely in drawers. So, on my beach camping trip, along came my favourite comforter cover, Giant Biological Hearts. My bed looks high in the tent because I used a twin airbed this time. I usually use the air mattress that I float on during the day, but why not be reeeally comfortable?! (Yes, Trish. Those are the silver sneakers we both got a pair of on the way to Sasquatch years ago.) Our waterfront accommodations were pretty spectacular, if a little nerve wracking. The tide is out in this shot, but the ocean actually lapped the edge of the tents in the middle of the night. Other than worries of encroaching waves and raccoons crunching loudly on salt and pepper chips, that inadvertently got left out one night, I slept well. The duvet cover and pillowcase survived, unscathed. Not so sure about the raccoons, they must have been really thirsty after those chips and there is no fresh water on the island, unless they figured out how to work the spigot on our water jug...wouldn't put it past them. We don't have any Lily Duvet Sets available in Vancouver, but you can always bring in a duvet and pillow cases for us to print. Print Yer Owns start at $20 for a single image. For multiple images our Print Yer Own charges are $100/hour, starting at $50 for one half hour and rising by quarter hour increments. Printing a queen size duvet and two pillow cases with multiple images, would run $75 to $100, depending upon the variety of images. glenda.

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