Lily Home: Limited Edition Picnic Blankets

Spring is on its way (in theory), which means we can all look forward to breezy afternoons spent with friends, packed treats, and beaujolais. Ah, the picnic--was there ever a more delightful warm weather activity? A key component to a good picnic, however, is having the perfect picnic blanket (say that five times fast!). If you are in want of such an item, we are here to help! Just this morning Glenda and I unpacked two--only two!--such little babies and are having a hard time not snaping them up ourselves. One of the blankets features deep magenta tulip heads printed over neon pink damask wallpaper repeats, trimmed with alternating panels of red honeycomb and patchwork fabric. The second blanket is slightly smaller than the first. It features the same deep magenta tulip heads, this time paired with large black laurel wreaths, and is trimmed with patchwork fabric and giant rhinoceros beetles. Fun! The fabric used for both is the same lovely, buttery Italian linen Trish made last year's throws out of. We only have two, and they're both in Vancouver, so stop by quick if you're suddenly hearing sweet, picnic-y nothings in your ear....And no matter what, always remember to picnic responsibly! Cheers, Erin  

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