Lily Goes Camping

My Lily duvet is well loved. So well loved in fact that when I stained it with red felt pen (why was the cap off in the laundry pile?!) and tea (tea in bed sounds so soothing until it's flying out of your hand toward your beloved bedspread) it found a second life as a camping duvet. This past weekend, I took off with friends to the B.C. wilderness in search of firewood. My anatomical heart duvet came along with me. It was very comfortably laid on the deluxe cot, in the deluxe tent, provided by one of the best camping friends ever, James (yay James!!). Smoking Lily Anatomical Heart Duvet Yes, I did some set decking in the tent. I just couldn't help myself. Camping-2 There was awood stove in the tent for goodness sake! A chandelier was necessary, right? Camping-3 We camped near thispretty little alpine lake, Murphy Lake. We lounged a little, soaking in the natural surroundings, but had to press on with the more important tasks of the weekend--logging! I love fall camping, such fun! glenda. p.s.I'll share some photos of the logging portion of the trip with you tomorrow.

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