Lily Gift Guide: Hijacked

Hello Everyone. It is a blah weather Wednesday here in Victoria, so even though it is only 12:30 it looks like it is closer to 4:00 in the afternoon. One more week and the days will start getting longer. Yah! I can't wait.

Erin in Vancouver works really hard every month coming up with Smoking Lily's blog schedule and making sure all her co-workers know when to post and what their topic is. According to the list, today I am supposed to post on our Christmas gift guide about our fabulous slippers. A few weeks ago, before I looked at the list Erin sent me, I wrote a fabulous post about these lovelies. You can read about it here.

Right now at the studio, a few people are busy sewing last minute orders and requests, and the rest have started working on our Spring line. Yeah, my favourite season! Liz helped me come up with great inspiration for the line but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag yet. It made Glenda clap with glee and she is already working on her window display ideas. Wehave begun sketches of dresses with two different sleeves (trying to figure which looks best), fabric swatches are everywhere, do we do pants or not? List, lists and more lists. Our white board is covered with print ideas and the cork board is slowly filling up with the 'plan'!

Here is a little sample idea we are working on...stitching mixed in with our screen prints!

Hope everyone is out enjoying the season and taking the time to do the things you love with the people you love.




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