Lily Crush: David Byrne

Last Saturday Scott and I went down the Centre for Performing Arts to see David Byrne play with St. Vincent. It was the last date in the North American tour supporting their collaborative album,Love This Giant, and it. Was. Amazing.

What's even more amazing, however, is how mind-bogglingly cool David Byrne is. After the concert (three encores! They had to play a Philip Glass piece to chill everyone out!), a friend was telling me about David Byrne's long-standing love affair with cycling: he packs a folding bike with him when he tours and uses it as his main mode of transportation; he speaks frequently about the joys of riding; he makes "bike cam" videos;he has designedbike racksfor the various boroughs of New York and the Brooklyn Academy of Music;he even published a bookcalledThe Bicycle Diariesin 2009. Closer to home, he participated in a Vancouver panel discussion on cycling in 2010 (where's my time machine?!) and mentions Vancouver's separated lanes downtown in this New York Times article from May!

David Byrne, I think I love you! (Don't tell Scott, though!)


P.S. David's got a new book out, How Music Works, that should be hitting the shelves at the Milkman's Daughter soon. I haven't perused it yet myself, but, by all accounts, it's going to be a great read!

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