Lily Co-ordination

We have previously posted about days that people have shown up to work, in the studio and in the shops, in matching outfits. It's pretty hilarious every time, warranting photos and stories that get pulled out regularly. Well this time the co-ordination feat wasn't matching just each other but also the new window display! On Sunday, Margaret and Cathy showed up to work wearing bright yellow and coral. It's funny enough that they were wearing similar colours to each other, but the fact that I had spray painted and installed a bright yellow, coral and turquoise window display the previous day made it exceptional! With no prior knowledge of the summer window colours, Margaret and Cathy came in sporting them. Way to go ladies! You are fabulous on so many levels, now we get to add psychic to the list?   The gaggles of people strolling down the middle of Main Street are enjoying Car Free Day-lots to smile about at Smoking Lily on Sunday. glenda.

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