Lecture Follow-up: Sibella Court

As Imentionedon Wednesday, Korinne, Erin, Christina and I went to see Sibella Court speak about her life and inspirations. It was part of a tour promoting her new book, Bower Bird. She showed loads of beautiful images of her far reaching collections and commercial interior stylings. One thing I found particularly interesting was her passion for researching the history of a building that she is working on. She says that it influences the outcomes of her design choices throughout a project. Her history degree definitely assists with her research skills and her love of old things.

We have a similar fascination here at Smoking Lily. In our decor aesthetic lies a inclination to rust and wear and tear on items. You may remember some of the well worn suitcases, vintage embroideries and rusty bits and pieces that we have used to showcase our shop and our goods over the years. This shot of part of her scissor collection instantly reminded me of the scissor display in the Main Street shop last fall. And all the fuss and giggling the ones hanging over the till caused. Loved them.

images above viadecor8

I think the main point that Sibella shared throughout her presentation was that items with a past come with an added level of interest--a story, a feeling, a memory. Used objects, and collections of them in particular, imbue their environment with an added layer of depth, giving thought provoking substance to any space. Collectors, and lovers of vintage paraphernalia of all kinds, may all breath a sigh of relief. Thanks, Sibella. glenda.

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