Lame Post

It is a cloudy day here in Victoria and we are busy cutting out Banff Skirts in the new plaid, sewing a run of long sleeve tees, finishing the last run of red Zed dresses and listening to Joanne's music. LMFAO to Lady Gaga. I happened to walk by the blog schedule and realized it is my turn. I've got nothing, Lady Gaga has stolen all my inspiration,so I'm sharing random photos from my phone with you. It isRose'sbirthday today!!! All the best Rose.

One of the best parts of Johnson Street Fest this year was all the artists. At the end of the day they auctioned off their work for theMake a Wish.

My basement reno is almost done. Here is thepromised photo. I'll need to get Rose over to take a proper photo (she is pretty good photographer).

A weird new free application that turns your photos into drawings. Love what it did to the heart print on the pillow.

The Fruit Bats!!! Came across a free concert this summer.

Back to the plaid, back to work....

I'm on the edge of glory and I'm hanging on the edge with you! Oh Gaga.

Happy Wednesday


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