Kick Up Your Heels

The creative minds at the Smoking Lily Creative Campus (a.k.a. the studio) have come up with a beautiful new stool design, just in time for the holiday season. Re-inspired perhaps by the Smoking Lily footstool that I acquired years ago through an art show (see below), and given the extra wood we had from cutting pieces for the new display boxes at the Milkman's Daughter, Trish has brainstormed a new line of foot stools in three different sizes. [caption id="attachment_11523" align="aligncenter" caption="This one's mine! Git yer own..."][/caption] Available in 12x12 ($165), 12x18 ($177), and 18x18 ($195), these footstools are sturdy, stylish, and stunning. The process of cutting and binding the bases, attaching the hardware, cutting the foam padding, assembling, cutting and screening the fabric, sewing the pieces together with beautiful piping, and assembling the final stools has involved almost everyone in the work room. Truly a collaborative experience! [caption id="attachment_11525" align="aligncenter" caption="This is available at the Milkman's Daughter....for now."][/caption] We used a classic unbleached cotton canvas and a variety of dark ink screens. The piping colour comes in tone-on-tone black or a beautiful accent colour like pink or teal. On some of the larger stools, we've taken a very graphic approach with thick alternating bands of diagonal white and black material - chevron!If these stools were in school, they'd be far too cool. [caption id="attachment_11526" align="aligncenter" caption="This is, as Project Runway would say, very graphic."][/caption] There is also a small run of stools in tan velvet with a black floral all-over print.
Quietly psychedelic on tan velvet.
They are in shops for the Customer Appreciation Event tonight!! later, morgan

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