KaPow Dress

We are continuing to make small runs of the fabulous KaPow Dress! You will probably remember this dress from last year, when it came in a wide variety of pretty fabrics. Many of you have one (if not three!). I was wearing one, from the last round that came in (yes, this is my third KaPow), when a surprise delivery arrived in the shop. My boyfriend has been out of town on business for the last three weeks. He will arrive home tomorrow, but sent a "See You Soon" bouquet to me today - so wonderful! He told the girls at the Flower Factory to make it so big that two people had to carry it. They did a fabulous job. Two of them did have to bring it up the street in the water bucket big enough to hold it! Below is a slightly better shot of the dress. Erin and I were giggling while I tried to hold the bouquet and show the dress. We should have put it on a stand beside me, as it was too heavy to hold at arms length. New KaPow Dresses will arrive in our shops today. This round is in a super summery coral, printed with Hummingbirds and Fuchsias. The KaPow Dress, small through large, $132. glenda.

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