Jewellery Sale! One Day Only...

A special note regarding the Boxing Season Sale: on December 27th, the opening day of the sale, all jewellery will be 30% off! We have a nice selection of new colours of Vancouver's Dancing Leaf lace jewellery, a fresh shipment from New York of Erica Weiner's creations (brass snake vertebrae, gold plated scissors, silver buttons...), as well as Betsy & Iya and Seaworthy pieces from Portland, and Larque earrings from Victoria.   Our jewellery makes great presents for impressing those poor Capricorn birthday folk, or a nice little gift for yourself (for all the hard work and/or perseverance you've endured of late). We can wrap them up in printed envelopes or cloth bags that carry nary a sign of the overwhelming festivities at hand. That said, these pretty pieces make for happy holiday gift openings too. Merry Happy Joy, glenda.

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