Japanese Jewelry: Aquvii

Trish and Imet a really interesting design couple inJapan, at their shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. Their shop and jewelry line is called Aquvii (pronounced Aqua-bee), which is based on the Japanese word foryawning.These designers hope to make smiles as contagious as yawns with their wonderful jewelry, clothing and accessories. Aquvii'sinspirations are varied and always incorporate an underlying vein ofwit. This stud earring ($42) marries the word "Dear" and a vintage pen nib--sweet, odd and funny--Lilyesque, no? Aquvii-Dear-Pen-Nib-Earring Other earrings include: the First Aid line, like thisBandaid and Scissors pair ($28), Aquvii-First-Aid-Earrings and the molecular structure for Triazolam ($48),a sedative used to treatextreme insomnia. Aquvii-Triazolam-Earring Necklaces include: the Axe ($28), from the Tool Box line, Aquvii-Tool-Box-Axe-Necklace and this out-of-context/pretty Eyelash ($42). Aquvii-Eyelash-Necklace There are rings too! The first piece I purchased at the Aquvii shop in Tokyo was this Trigger ring ($54). Aquvii-Trigger-Ring Noriko, of Dancing Leaf Designs, first thought the trigger thought looked like a cat's tail - tee hee -different interpretations, inducing smiles as Aquvii intended! I also purchased acool Skull ring ($89),along with two kooky individual earrings, which I'm am loving miss-matching witha simple small stud. The Skull ringis availablein cream, black, and rose gold. Aquvii-Skull-Ring There is also this crazy/great Tongue brooch ($32). The card it comes on has the famous photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue! Aquvii-Einstein-Togue-Brooch So fun. I have been getting such a kick out of wearing the pieces. Kawaii, desu ne?! glenda.

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