Japan: Bikes

Oh Japan! Almost everything is cute. So many fascinating objects, andpeople, around every little corner. And bikes! There were so many awesome bikes. I only snapped a few photos of them, because as time passed, all the cool became normalized and wejust drank it in visually as Trish and Iwandered Tokyo, Kagoshima and Kyoto. Japan-Bikes-7 Above is the firstbike that caught my eye. Great handlebars, riveted leather seat, tiny front wheelwait, is that chain rusty or what? But it must be used because it's not locked. Or not, it's Japan, you don't have to lock things up, even the plants on your front stoop. Japan-Bikes-6 The yellow bike has only one cross bar! Japan-Bikes-8 I was impressed by the confidence of delivery guys everywhere. Japan-Bikes-9 I took the photo of the cute red folding bike, but the best part of this photo is the big, surprised, robot face composed by the fans and mesh. Japan-Bikes-2 Great tricycle. Interesting that you have to step down abruptly to get into the print shop. Japan-Bikes-3 Loved this well aged bike shop. Especially, the winged logo. Japan-Bikes-4 Was it a carshop before? Or does Honda make bikes in Japan? We did see a Jeep bicycle.There is a painted out car on the building,but the space is too small for a car shop. Or is it? It wasthings like this that my mind was constantly trying to process as we walked the city. Double decker parking was common for small apartment buildings. Japan-Bikes-1 Parking for cars was mostly cramped. Japan-Bikes-5 That's a BMW parked at it's tiny spot at home. Love the delivery scooter parked in front of the business next door too. Japan-Bikes-10 Wood fenders y'all! Tomorrow I'll post some shots of Lily (Trish) investigating Japan. Kampai! glenda.

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