It's Not Octopi!

Of late, we have begun to have in-shop conversations (and online chats - thanks Elizabeth!) about the correct pluralization of octopus. Seems that octopi came about eons ago as a mistake, by someone who knew that in English we pluralize Latin words ending in "-us" with "-i". Problem is that the correct Latin spelling of octopus is octopous. So actually, the correct term for more than one octopus is octopuses (or octopodes but it is rarely used). Octopuses not octopi. Octopuses. That's going to take some getting used to. Here are two links to further information. Bear with us here at Smoking Lily as we do have a few incorrect spellings and terms for our prints (Flyz, Bugz, Octopi) and, as is our way, we may stick with our original oddities. We mean no linguistic offense. We will continue to chat and educate and blunder.   Happy Fridaying Everyone! Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) is playing a DJ set at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver tonight! I want to go but need to save energy for a crazy busy fun day in the shop tomorrow - can I do both? We'll see... glenda.

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