Holiday Decorations @ Johnson St.

(our adorable wee little outfitted store)

Yesterday, the day before December, we outfitted out wee little store, getting it ready for the holidays. Every year we get a little fancy and put up a natural cedar bough garland entwined with lights. This year we even added a deer skull and some stars fashioned from vintage carpenter's rulers!

(The glorious carpenter's ruler stars)

Kristen and I carried the giant one ton 30' tall (I might be exaggerating) wooden ladder from our studio, down our 343 stairs out down the street, and out to the store. Along the way a man asked if we were robbers, to which I shifted my weight, sighed exasperatedly and replied "Yes, very inconspicuous ones."

(our 346 studio stairs, AKA "The stairway to Heaven")

  With Korinne and Jana steadying each side of the ladder I fearlessly mounted the ladder with garland in tow and secured it to the outside of the store. It was only -4.5 degress outside (I might be exaggerating) so my fingers only turned slightly blue. I never fell and surprisingly everything came away in place and intact!

(our 30' ladder)

In the end it was totally worth it. I am quite proud of our little store and there is a special excitement that comes from plugging in your holiday lights and stepping back to admire your work. Christmas is coming and that lovely cheerful brisk excitement of lights, warmth, treats and family has started to fill the air. I know Vancouver is getting outfitted with an amazing display, and soon the milkman's daughter will be too! Happy beginning of the holidays everyone! - Nicole

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