Hey Happy Dress

A sweet customer was recently trying on a pile of our dresses. She was trying to decide between a few when she pulled on the black Hey Happy dress.

She did a quick turn in front of the mirror and said "sold!" No need to ponder, the fit was perfect and it's a very versatile dress. She looked and felt great!

Then she went back to deciding which of the 5 colours of Kapow dresses to get...yeah, it can be tough in here. She ultimately went with the hibiscus Kapow, printed with Folk Flowers, and the black Kapow. Fortunately, that was the only major decision to make, the Hey Happy was an automatic yes!

Cheers to great fits and fun retail times!


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  • Catherine

    LOVE the Hey Happy dress – my new Smoking Lily favourite! Simple, stylish and the stretch linen is amazing for summer.

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