Harper Lee

Trish's all-time favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, so Harper Lee's passing has been on her mind. When a new skirt rolled off the line at the studio, she had a name right at hand. The Harper Lee is a great, zip front, straight skirt. The first round showcases two fabrics. The first a silver camouflage: Smoking Lily Harper Lee Skirt in Camouflage The second fabric is a happybright yellow that we have all-over printed with a brand new print, "Animals!" Smoking Lily Harper Lee Skirt   So good. Harper Lee Skirt, small through large (xlarge soon), $122. Animals! glenda. p.s. Colleen is laughing in the shot abovebecausea shopneighbour walkedby as we were shooting and had to pop in her head in to bug Colleenabout adding another role to her Main Street presence. Colleen has lived in the neighbourhood for years, works at two shops on Main andis now modelling for one of them!

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