Happy Halloween!

As most of you know (because I have been gabbing about it all week in the shop and did last year too), I get 500 kids Trick-or-Treating at my front door on Halloween night! It's zany and really cute. The line-up last year went something like: Princess, Princess, Pirate, Ghost, Fairy, Princess, Zombie, Pirate, Batman, Fairy, Batman and repeat. There were also quite a few Nerds - Ghost Nerds, Pirate Nerds, Zombie Nerds...Hilarious. We are almost ready to greet the hordes. We have a few more front yard installations and we'll be set. I'll post some photos for you soon. For now, Happy Halloween from everyone at Smoking Lily to everyone at your house!   Oh yeah, see the little string Vampire dolls hanging at the top right of the photo below? I found 270 of them at an auction, months ago, for $25! We'll be giving them out as Halloween treats this year (to half the kids anyway). I'm pretty excited to see the kids' reactions. My only fear is that giving out toys will mean that we get more kids next year! Happy haunting! glenda.   p.s. Yes, I am wearing my costume from last year again. How could I resist wearing this fabulous gown that Trish helped me adorn with Lily Bugz?!

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