Happy Accident

Last week the printers used the wrong print for the Garden State dress. The plan was to use the Spotted Feather Outline on the black bamboo jersey fabric. Somewhere in the translation the words 'spotted outline' got lost, oops. It looked good, but not quite right for a dress. We knew that eventually we would come up with a plan for the messed up fabric, so we decided that we would stick with the original plan for the dress and printed a new batch of fabric with the Spotted Feather Outlines. You can see the result in Rose's bike blog post below this one. The Garden State dresses look good.

This week we received an email from the Vancouver shop requesting a lower cut neckline on our Long Sleeve Tee. Rachael said "let's use last week's miss-print fabric". Brilliant idea! Jo-Anne just finished a few hours ago. Oh my, this is my new favourite shirt, I've been wearing it all afternoon. The fabric feels so good and I love the print.

The shirt will hit the Victoria shops this weekend and be in Vancouver on Tuesday. They are $54.

p.s. Coming soon to a shop near you: Banff skirt in camel....so nice, the Pippa jacketinheavy cotton (non-waxed this time) with fleece lining and printed with Octopi, and a housecoat!

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