Hama Hama Top: New Colours

I wonder how many colours this top has come in over the yearsa gagillion? Probably more like twenty, but it's been a lot. Great for those of you who love to wear them year round. These continue to be my default tee. Groggily choosing something to wear in the morning? Grab a Hama Hama top, pair it with any skirt (or pants, I sometimes forget people wear pants), and you will be comfortable and look great. This round of Hamas comes in two colours: MarineBlue (navy blue) Hama Hama Top - Marine Blue with Canoes Hama Hama Top - Marine Blue with Ferns and Nova Red(rusty red). Hama Hama Top - Nova Red with Ravens Hama Hama Top - Nova Red with Bison Hama Hama Top, bamboo blend jersey, small/medium and medium/large, $46. Bison! glenda. p.s. I'll get clearer shots of these up on the website today, the sun was blasting in when I took these shots yesterday afternoon.

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