Halloween Snippets

A few snapshots of Halloween moments: Giving my costume a trial run last night. Needs makeup. Ghost-Costume Tried getting in and out of my boat in the dark in the full costume last night. It was pretty hilarious, what with a new boat and lighting only from a headlamp on a wet log boom (yes mom, I wore my lifejacket!) but a great choreto tick off while I was waiting for the dough for witches fingers pretzels to rise. Witches-Fingers These snacks look appropriately horriblewhile beingperfectly delicious. Tokyo is16 hours ahead of Vancouver so, early this morning, my boyfriend/Mozart sent me a couple of photos of him heading out on the town. These are my favourites. Halloween-Trainride Even Mozart and Spiderman together on the train are not enough to distract other riders from their phones. Of course, musical geniuses and super heroes carry phones now too. Then there is this amazing kimono! Halloween-Kimono I am seriously considering this formy Halloween attire for next yearso good! It's torrentially raining in Vancouver right now, and it is supposed to continue through the evening, so my boating outing with neighbours is likely cancelled for tonight. I guess we will just have to eat and drink and be scary indoors. Cheers, glenda.

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