Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo

Halloween is relatively new to Japan, but a street party in Shibuya (the busiest intersection in Japan) has become super popular in the last three years. I was warned, by many, not to go there on Halloween night, as the crowds are epic. Fortunately, the party lasts for a few days! My boyfriend and I usually dress up in our Halloween costumes on the 30th anyway (it's the anniversary of our first date), so we decided to give it a try in Tokyo too. Shibuya was really crowded but everyone was so happy. The costumes were great, people were laughing and smiling and having spontaneous dance parties, and the picture taking was non-stop. We could barely take two steps before we were swarmed with requests for photos. I finally realized that I could just hand my cellphone to a complete stranger and they would snap a photo for me. It was handed back with a smile every time - oh Japan! Here we are with some aliens,


with some militia (didn't realize one had a Canadian flag until I looked at the photos the next day),


with a gaggle of gaijin,


and me with a group of guys dressed in Japanese kindergarten costumes. There was a lot of squealing and screaming!


We walked through the crowds laughing until our cheeks hurt from smiling (I think we lasted about an hour and a half), then we headed back home to set up for a house party the following night.

Here's a video to give you more of a feel for the evening. Mozart and Constanze make a brief appearance at minute 1:38.

We were so happy that we managed to be a part of this crazy festivity. A very Happy Halloween.


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