Gorgeous Galiano

A couple weekends ago the bf and I were lucky enough to catch the first weekend of summer sun on Galiano Island. We packed our bikes and backpacks to near explosion, jumped on a morning ferry and headed out!

Our bikes at the campsite after a hilly ride.
Advise: consider hitch-hiking if you're carrying a lot of weight as there is
a pretty huge hill between the dock and Montague Harbor Provincial Park.

Danny and I practiced our mountain goat moves jumping around the rocky beaches.

Really cool tidal rock formations found all around the island.
Google won't help me out with finding their proper name. Googlefail.

Dinner's up! Danny has an awesome wood burning camp
stove that we cooked on for the entire trip.
No fuel needed other than twigs and pinecones!!

Our treat was renting kayaks for 3 hours from Montague Harbor Marina and going out before sunset on the calm evening ocean. We saw eagles, ravens, herons, and a ton of seals (while kayaking we ran into two of them fighting over some sort of crustacean dinner, yum!).
Conclusion: awesome weekend.

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