Garry Oaks

On Wednesday, Trish invited me for an after work cycle, along the waterfront, around the city. The sun had come out, but we hesitated as the wind blasted outside. We both bike commute from the same neighborhood, and heading home via a longer route had seemed like a good idea when we planned it. When we finally got outside we decided to brave the wind and go for it. We hopped on our bikes, heading towards Beacon Hill park. As we rode towards the water the wind lulled a little, the sun shone and it turned out to be perfect weather for cycling around the city. On route I rang my bell and some guy giggled as we peddled past. Bikes make people happy. We rode along the ocean and through some beautiful streets, checking out the architecture on the way. Trish showed me around some neighbourhoods and streets I had never been to before. She showed me the spot onLotbiniere Avenue where Garry Oak trees line the avenue, the very spot where she had taken the photo to make our Garry Oaks print. Inspiration truly is around every corner.

Below is our Garry Oaks printed cardigan.

The little adventure was a great way to end the day. Thanks for luring me out, Trish. Let's do it again! -Rose

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