Garment Update: New Skirt, New Dress!

First up is a great new techno-camouflage fabric skirt. Dubbed "The Pocket F-A", this durable skirt is equally at home in the urban jungle as it is hunting for signs of Spring in the woods. The exterior zip pocket is a great place for a phone, or bird-call, and the knee-length is perfect for kneeling to pick flowers (soon, soon!). They are priced at $76 and all that we made are in stores now (that's it, that's all). [caption id="attachment_11880" align="aligncenter" caption="Who would win in a smackdown? Rachael, or Rachel Mark 2?"][/caption] Next up is something we hinted at a few weeks ago. The "Va-voom" is our new lightweight all-over printed dress. The perfect blend of comfort and elegance, this dress has a gathered swooping front, and is roomy enough to allow for freedom of movement. Priced at $106, these are sure to be a hot new spring favourite. [caption id="attachment_11881" align="aligncenter" caption="This dress is made with lots of organic sass."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_11882" align="aligncenter" caption="... and some synthetic tomfoolery."][/caption] Lastly, though the Loop Scarf is been a perennial favourite, Rachael shows us a new daring and fashion-forward way to maximise coverage and reduce risk of frost bite on these chilly winter days. [caption id="attachment_11883" align="aligncenter" caption="Snug as a bug."][/caption] later, morgan

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