Fuse Memories

Just a little post mortemon the Fuse event I was yammering on about last week. The event, at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Friday November 14th, was a huge success. I heard they were expecting 3000 visitors! I would not be surprised if that was the case. The coat check was overflowing. We were happy to see the Smoking Lily printed armbands greet us from the moment we arrived. The bands say "fuse" in Chinese. Fuse-Arm-Bands-5

The mask making station was busy!

FUSE - Smoking Lily Arm Bands

FUSE - Smoking Lily Arm Bands


Image above via paulwongprojects

The current exhibit,Forbidden City,has some fabulous pieces. The crowdswere happy to be boisterously exchanging observations, views, and opinions about the antiquities. Same went for the modern pieces. The Ai Weiweisculpture was incredible. I was dumbstruck as I came around the corner and viewed it for the first time! It was interesting to watch others react the same way. Definitely worth going to the VAG just for that piece, but there was so much more to take in.

The DJs at the Fuse Lounge and Art Bars were feeling the love as people mingled, viewed video works, anddanced to the end of the evening. The shot below,viapaulwongprojects, must be before the event opened, the place gotpacked.


FUSE - Smoking Lily Arm Bands

These boys were taking a break from carrying a salon chair around the gallery, touting about performersandVIPs. I had to get one lastphoto snapped of the arm bands, right?!

All in all it was a fabulous event. We were so happy to be apart of it.

Thanks Paul!


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