Finn Slough

As promised, here are a few photos of my new neighbourhood, Finn Slough, in Richmond, B.C. Recently, I had to return a plate that a neighbour had left at my house (she had brought it laden with Nanaimo bars for a girls evening recently - nice except that Christina ate one at 3:30am after the last of the giggling subsided and didn't get much sleep at all - oops!). Any chance to wander about the neighbourhood is fun, so off I trapsed with the plate and my camera (set on its miniature setting, as per usual lately). I headed out from my house (yes that is a satellite dish, I have to remove that thing! So out of keeping with the "Slough style," as it's affectionately known), walked across the foot bridge, which is also a draw bridge (the vertical boards can be pulled up), headed westward down the path to drop off the plate at the blue house, turned back to toward the bridge, stopped in the middle of the bridge to look to the west, and then to the east toward my little white house (Sisu, seen on the side of the old fishing shack, is a Finnish term for perservance, among other things), and walked back home, taking a photo of my back yard (I was told the canoe is my garden spot - hilarious! Should be fun), and another shot looking down from my bedroom window (quite the yard ornament!). I was pretty excited to move to Finn Slough, but have now completely fallen in love with the place; and this at the least attractive time of the year. I can hardly wait until the lush, green foliage pushes through. As further requested, I will share some of the before photos of the interior of the wee house soon. I'm still in the process of figuring out the "upscale hunting lodge" style that my boyfriend has requested. It's proving to be challenging, but fun! glenda.

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