Feeling Nostalgic

Celebrating an anniversary tends to make one look back over the years. As for many milestones in life, reminiscing is a wonderful part of processing your current position. One fun outlet for nostalgia can be rooting through old photo files. Trish thumbed through some early Smoking Lily photos (literally, as they were taken in the pre-digital camera era) and found this one of her in the original studio. I love the Dutch light on the Dutch girl! In case you haven't heard the original studio story; a long, long time (19 years!)ago Trish and a friend were sharing a house with a third roommate. When the roomate moved out, they figured it would be better to use the bedroom for something other than another roommate. The rent for that room still had to be paid though, so Smoking Lily was born. They opened a commercial bank account with $5, set up a print table in the bedroom and started silk-screening silk scarves. They sold them at a street market that summer, took over the tiny shop on Johnson Street in the fall, and the rest is history! Perhaps we'll pull some more old photos to share with you. I think that would be fun. I'll start digging through the digital files of Lily garments through the ages. Cheers, glenda.

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