Fall 2014 Stock Arrives!

Our Fall 2014 line is hitting the racks today!! 10+ brand new pieces are being debuted. We are really excited about the whole thing. Here are a few of the new garments... The Spadina Dress! Small through large, $148. Spadina Dress   The Great Lakes Blouse, $89, with Cropped Elsbeth Trousers, $89, and Leather Chevette Bag, $132. Great-Lakes-Blouse-1 Suzanne styling Korinne, adding the Echo Jacket, $162. Echo-Jacket-Outfit-1 The Simone Top, $79, with Striped Bonne Chere Skirt, $68, and Leggings, $54. Photo-Shoot-Outtakes-5 The Jack Pine Tunic, $92. Jack-Pine-Tunic-1 Weeeeeeee! glenda. p.s. I will be working toward getting photos of the new garments up on the website next week. Starting Wednesday for sure!

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