Fabric Kit Love

I am constantly surprised by the creative women who stop by our little Lily shop here in Victoria. Always chatting about sewing, knitting, weaving, screening, just crafting in general, it seems like most Lily followers are busy themselves making beautiful things. So, of course we're always happy to supply these projects with Lily material! Starting first with out fabric kits. Anyone who has been into the shop knows about these wonderful bundles (usually put together by Miss Devon). Five dollars will get you a goody bag of printed fabric, leather...randomness. How wonderful! And now, as you can check out online we've begun making fabric buttons. A few weeks ago, pre-garage sale madness, an amazing women, Robyn, came in for more fabric kits and told me all about her "Smoking Lily Baby Blanket" she was creating. I was intrigued and asked her to email me a picture... so, here's Robyn's blanket in progress... if you have a wicked fabric kit project of your own, email it to us at smokinglilyblog@gmail.com

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