Excellent Travel Item: Cape of Good Hope

Hello! I've just returned from a fun three week tour of Japan. I took along a lot of Smoking Lily garments, of course, but wanted to report that, yet again, the Cape of Good Hope was an excellent travel companion. It is the best in-flight/on-train blanket ever! It's long enough to keep your legs and torso nice and warm, and narrow enough not to bother your seat mates (even when you are crammed into the middle seat on an 11 hour flight!). It is perfect for layering over your coat when you need extra protection (like when the beaching portion of your trip turns out to be way colder than you anticipated). It is also a stylish wrap (which is perfect when your boyfriend surprises you with an overnight stay at a four star art gallery/hotel).

Here's a photo of me on Naoshima Island (on the grounds of that four star hotel) next to a Yayoi Kusama sculpture. I'm Lilyfied in a Maverick Skirt, Simple Tee and old Lily silk chiffon scarf that I have had for 18 years, all wrapped up with the Cape; perfectly comfortable next-level travel gear.


Thanks Cape of Good Hope!


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