Embellished Lily

The cutest family came in the Vancouver shop a couple of weeks ago. The Mom, Danielle, had just celebrated her 39th birthday. Her husband, and children, had given her a Smoking Lily item, which was lovingly presented in an embellished Smoking Lily paper bag. She needed to exchange the item for another size, which we were happy to assist with, and we were absolutely tickled to see the DIY wrapping that it came in.

Little Luka (seen with the fancied up bag below), his sister Hanna, and his Dad, Douglas, all got together to make the pretty wrapping paper for the gift. As you can see, a Lily paper bag with the Bunny Frou Frou print was the basis for the project. They embellished with princess stickers, and gave Miss Frou Frou a necklace and high heel shoes.

Hilarious! and Cute! and Sweet!

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