Early Halloween Thoughts

I always thought of my bright blue tea towel as being quite spring-y,but as I hung it on thedoors to my outdoor bath this morning (to use as a hand towel out there) it struck me as pretty fallish, like...Halloween ghost-y fallish. Tea-Towel-Ghost Not to jump ahead too muchbut yippee! I love Halloween! This evening I will meet with friends, who live at my old house in Vancouver (of the 500-trick-or-treaters fame), to plan this year'sHalloweendecorations. We'll use the four big coffins over the doors again, of course, but we'reup for making some new additions. Should be a fun month of cutting out rats and bats,knotting new giant spider websand thinking of other items I need to print the LilyMega Skull onto! Maybe you need a skull table cloth? Bring in one of your own and we can screen print any of our skull images onto it! Print Yer Own prices start at $20 for any single image. glenda.

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