DYI Door Knobs

After searching high and low for the right size door knobs for our studio kitchenette we decided to make our own. Here is a brief DIY lesson, in case you'd like to try this at home. It's super easy and very rewarding. What you'll need: Leather (we used left over leather from ourGood Wallets), rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, hole punch, nuts and bolts, screwdriver and maybe a drill with a bit. We found nuts and bolts at Castle Hardware, I think we paid about $5 for 18 sets (two for each handle). The bolts were a little wider then the original ones in the door front, so we had to drill the holes a little wider, a quick fix. To get a good sized leather handle we first made paper templates (above left). We taped templates to the doors to visually determine the best size and to mark the positions of the bolt holes. Next we cut the leather with our rotary cutter and punched holes in with our leather punch. For the last step, Suzanne attached the handles to the doors. We choose to have the nut facing out.We think they look awesome in our almost-finished-updated-kitchenette-corner. Afterwards, we added wallpaper that we had painted black and then hand printed with our Nice Jugs design. We like it.Now tocaulkthe back splash and we will be ready to make tea and eat lunch. Suzanne and Trish

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