Do It Yourself - Ugly Sweater Kit

I am the youngest of three in my family. My brother, Brian the middle child, and his amazing partner, Richard, live in Vancouver. My older sister, Charlotte, and her two awesome children, Charlie and Parker, live in Gibsons, along with my fantastic parents, Brian Sr. and Christine. With all 8 of us it's really tricky to organize family events. We don't see each other as much as we would like, so this year I really wanted to give everyone in my family a gift that would bring us closer and force us to spend quality time together. I came up with an idea that would make us all laugh for years to come.

Do It Yourself - Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Tape is #1 because not everyone in my family is a sewer. Glitter ribbon, sequins, ric rac to resemble snow, poinsettia things, and some sparkly trees. Oh, and... the reindeer. Yours doesn't have to be doing that, but in my family nothing is shocking....I doubt my mom will even notice.

Then you bag it all up pretty in a zip lock bag. Print yourself off a label, and presto! You have a one-of-a-kind hilarious gift that will bring smiles to the grumpiest old man (my Dad) and have the practical joker of the family silenced in awe (my sister). And if your mom is like mine, your Do It Yourself sweater kit will end up being proudly worn to the grocery store.

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