Curtain Dilemmas

I was chatting with Trish and Korinne recently about the fact that I had been in my "new" home for one whole year now and hadn't yet dealt with my "curtain situation." The curtain situation is one that I created within the first week of moving in, when I tore some white fabric to fit my living room windows. It was an interim solution to window coverings "just for a week or so, until I figure out what to do." Yeah, right! After a couple of months of living with a pretty poor temporary fix, I thought I'd tackle the situation. I hung one beautiful Smoking Lily drapery panel beside one of the torn fabric panels to see if real drapes would be the way to go. I thought "Pretty! Maybe I should buy fabric and get two matching panels printed." And that was as far as I got. One year later it still looked like this... (the overexposed cellphone photo makes the white panel look much prettier that it was) The duelling panels really bugged me at first, but somehow I got used to it, and then forgot about it, and then the anniversary of the move in date snapped me back to reality. So, I reluctantly admitted my embarrassing curtain situation to Trish and Korinne. Well, they were not surprised by my "little situation," they embarrassingly (and rather competitively) shared their own situations. The quote of the night (as other people joined in the discussion) became "that's nothing, I've got you beat!" It seemed that everyone has an embarrassing, frustrating, procrastination-related curtain story. Well, that night I vowed to fix my situation the following week! My window covering of choice for years has been frosted window film, so I decided to go back to that. Feeling quite proud of myself, I bought the film a few days later. Then I had a chimney fire and everything got put on hold at my house. Suddenly the priority was how to keep warm, not how to look polished. Pride gave way easily to procrastination, as I now had a real excuse for avoiding the tricky job of installing window film! haha The chimney is still in transition but things have calmed down and warmed up. So, on Monday I finally got up the nerve to start the measure-a-million-times-cut once-fiddle-and-finesse curtain situation project. It's done! It's weird, but I have to admit that it feels a little bare right now. The room feels bigger and the light is fabulous, but it's so clean and simple that I think it's going to take awhile to adapt. Apparently, in my mind, the mismatched jumble had somehow become a full-fledged part of the visual decor. Now, how much longer will I leave the open shelving in my bedroom completely unorganized? glenda. p.s. The super cool fly blanket was a gift from Trish; she made it for an art show a few years ago. The curtain panel was printed in the early days of Smoking Lily, but you can still bring, or send, in your curtain panels for us to print! Check out this blog post for details. p.p.s. Please feel free to share your curtain stories! You are no longer alone! p.p.s. The vintage fur coat hanging to the left and the crossbow frame hanging at the top of the window frame are part of the design aesthetic of "upscale hunting lodge" that my boyfriend requested for the interior. The red "dogs" on the shelf to the left are for pounding into logs that we drag up to our house when we manage to catch one floating by. They get tied up until we have time to buck them up for firewood.

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