Colossal Squid and Free Books

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Apropos of all the fun cephalopod talk that's been flying--swimming?--around the shops of late, I thought I would share this highly entertaining and informative article posted on BoingBoing yesterday. It's long, but worth reading to the end if you are at all fascinated by tales of scary giant sea life (as usual, it turns out that we'rethe real monsters). On an unrelated note, whilst reading about the mighty Kraken yesterday, I also came across this call-out to teachers, librarians, and others who work with the public and youth from Cory Doctorow. A noted author, proponent of alternative forms of copyright, internet activist, and all-around cool guy, Mr. Doctorow wants to facilitate the distribution of free copies of his latest book--go, Smoking Lily teachers, go! Cheers, Erin P.S. The photo is a model of a colossal squid, BUT, they do have the largest eyes of any living animal. Eeeeeeee!!

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