Christmas Snowshoeing

This Christmas Day I had planned to do nothing (like lay in bed all day nothing), then friends called to say they were taking their new snowshoes to Mt. Seymour (on the north shore of Vancouver) for a trial run. It was a gorgeous sunny day so what was I do - of course I would join them! We hiked our way toward the summit, stopping for warm tea with rye breaks, water breaks, snacking with the birds breaks... (it was a pretty challenging climb for someone who had planned to be horizontal all day). Fortunately James was thinking ahead and brought along Crazy Carpets. So on a sunset descent, rather than trudging up and down the trail, James skied while Rhonda and I slid and screamed our way down the green runs - soooo much fun! It was a much more challenging and exciting day than I had imagined. Thanks you two!

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