Cheer the F@#k Up

You may be familiar with the work of Rose Currie, she has been a part of the Smoking Lily family, in one way or another, for some time. A Smoking Lily wardrobe staple of yours could be festooned with a print she had a hand in creating, or you may have read one of her blog posts. Now, under the name Rose Lemonade, you can find her art at the Milkmans Daughter. Its pretty unique stuff. On a previous visit to Milk, my son was quite smitten and added a request for one of her pieces to his wish list. I met up with Rose to learn more about her and the inspiration behind her work at Milk, affectionately known as the f@#k series. Rose6 Art has been Roses passion as long as she can remember. She enjoys all mediums, switching between them as new projects demand. She received her BFA from the University of Victoria in 2006; the same year cancer dramatically altered her life. The work featured at Milk came out of her cancer journey. Through that intense period of time, art proved therapeutic, allowing her to express the emotional roller coaster her world had become.Although she loves to paint, Rose found this hard to sustain in the hospital and instead focused on photography, producing images included in a national exhibit on transition, as well as a Monday Magazine Naked Truth award winner. She has since returned to painting, creating her own pieces, as well as painting sets for theatre. The inspiration for the prints featured at Milk grew from the observation that people have opinions when you have cancer and are not shy about expressing them. They would say to her why dont you just cheer up? or Its in the past now, why cant you be happy? In her head, Rose heard just cheer the fuck up, huh? The idea for these prints was born, communicating the dichotomy of pretending everything is ok. The beautiful flowers, all airy and cheerful, spell out the words that express her feelings. Life throws challenges to us all, in one form or another. Kudos to Rose for articulating what many might be thinking, in such a creative manner. Iwill befollowing up this post with a Q&A with Rose, next Monday. Ellen

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