Cameo Belts

I have two of these belts and I LOVE them. I'm not much of a belt wearer, but Smoking Lily Obis and Cameo belts are often added to my outfits. The Cameo belt has a comfortable wide elasticized band with a superhero patch of printed leather. This time the shape is more oblong and squared off. The prints are as varied and eye-catching as always. A Snake belt? Yes, please! The Percy Dress gets cinched in even more at the waist with the Cameo Belt. Pink Cameo Belt with Apple Blossoms and Fly Black with Canoes and Compass Black with Stripes and Anatomical Heart Cameo belts come in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large. They are $42. They work well for cinching in dresses and look great over cardigans too...for when cardigan time arrives again, for now, how about giving that summer frock a little more waist definition? glenda.

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