Brain Light

While we are waiting for some excellent anatomical wrapping paper to arrive for our fall display, I started in on another project I've been thinking about for years. Ages ago, while reading Popular Science on the ferry over to Victoria, I came across an article on memory, which was interesting, but it was the accompanying photo that amazed meit was a brain shaped from rope lights (never didfind the source for the creator of it). I instantly knew that I would make something like it for a Smoking Lily display one day. Well...since anatomical wallpaper is still on its way,today is the day! I started off twisting up 40 feet of rope lights, but quickly realized I would need at least double that. I held the loops together with zip ties. Brain Light in Process It looked "brain-like" but not recognizable enough for the front window. So, Jessica and I padded it and wrapped it in plastic wrap, then wrapped it in packing tape, to make a thin brain-shaped casing. Brain Light in Process Aside from it looking horribly larva-like at this stage, when we finished wrapping it, took it all apart and put the transluscent casing over the brain, all you could see was the wee dots of light, not the ropes, which I think are an important element. Hmmm...onto another idea... Brain Light in Process Bobbi Sue drew the outline of a head on cardboard, I followed the line with wire, then we suspended the headaround the suspended brain. Brain Light in Process I think the piece is much more identifiable now, and since 80 feet of rope lights wasn't the gigantic sculpture I thought it would be, the head makes the piece more the size I was hoping for. Below isthe final piece lit in the front window of the Main Street shop! Brain-Light-7 Hey! It looks like the weight of the lights has pulled the brain downward. BlurgI'llhave to find some thicker fishing line. So, that's stage one of the Vancouver fall display almost complete, still waiting for paper, working on adding lab glass about theshop to continue the back-to-school fall science theme. Fall took awhile to arrive but it's finally here. Rain! glenda. p.s. If you liked the super great Lily printed player piano ribbon rolls from our summer display, there are a few rolls left at $80 each. Each roll is about 14 feet long and is fully printed.

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