Bonnechere, Everywhere!

Here at the Main Street shop we are constantly receiving bins of exciting goodies from the studio, so we really appreciate the fact that we always seem to get the nicest, most entertaining delivery guys. Tom, the last fellow, was a former bike courier and never failed to have a totally crazy story and big smiles. When Glenda and I heard that his route was changing, we thought, "uh, oh--who could ever replace Tom?" Well, as of last Friday, our new guy, Yuri, might actaully have Tom beat. Already charming us with his wonderful accent and gentle reminders to "sell one million dollars today!," Yuri upped the ante by bringing a box of chocolates for "my lovely Smoking Lily ladies!" La Bonne Chere Waffles The kicker? They are La Bonne Chère chocolates! We'd never heard of these chocolate waffle treats before, but they go oh so well with the brand new Bonnechere Skirt, we had to laugh. Thanks, Yuri! ...I wonder what we'll get today;p Erin

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