Blocked Wool Hats

When Trish and I headed to Seattle last month, we were on the hunt for some interesting accessories for you. Amidst the bling and the bland, we did manage to unearth some great additions to the shop. Our skills for finding gems have been well honed by years of second-hand shopping. One of the treasures we discovered was these lovely blocked wool hats. They all have a vintage reference and modern feel. Warmth and simplicity mean these hats will fit in well with most fall and winter wardrobes. The Bow $48, available in brown and black. The Blossom $48, available in black and purple. The Fedora $38, available in black. The Cloche $38, available in green and black. Christina says that this type of hat is perfect for keeping your hair from losing all it's styling as you walk about in the cool moist air. Old school anti-frizz protection - brilliant. glenda.  

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