Bike Commuting: Update

I made the first full round trip commute yesterday (42k from Finn Slough to Smoking Lily on Main Street and back again). It felt pretty good, but I didn't last long at home before having to become horizontal. I figure I'll get stronger and will be able to stay upright past 8:30pm soon. So far this whole commuting thing has been going really well. I did have a couple of mishaps this morning though. How to make a riculously long story short? Oh, it's not ridiculously long, more long and ridiculous. I'm not helping am I? Ok, here's the short version. My rat trap tried to kill me and I forgot to bring undergarments with me today! Here's a shortish version with some more details. The ride to work this morning started great. It was a little cooler and I had my new kitty cat socks on. The scents (warm blackberries), sounds (heavy metal blaring from the loading bays in the industrial zone), and views (an old truck bed overflowing with flowers) were lovely. The rat trap falling off the back of my bike, with my lunch and change of clothes, was not. The bolts rattled right out of the spots that hold the trap to the bike frame! Not sure where they rattled off to but the whole trap crashed to the ground and tried to knock me onto the road while I was panting uphill. Probably better than while I was racing downhill. Fixed it, with the bungie cord that held my skull tote onto the trap, and kept riding. And thenupon arriving at the shop, I pulled off my cycling gear and started rifling through my tote bag looking for my undergarments. Seriously?! None! Eeek! Fortunately, we do sell my favourite underlovelies. Butno bra! Was I going to have to wear a sweaty yoga top all day? Gross! The bra thing had me scared for a minute or two, until I realized that I had left my KaPow Dress here for a backup dress. Now I can confidently exclaim to all the full figured gals out there, "you can wear the KaPow dress without a bra!" I wouldn't do it on a regular basis, but in a pinch or on a really hot day, it's absolutely doable! Have a nice unencumbered day! glenda.

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